Baha’i Law on Incest

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Dr. Mohammed Alam Qurayshi




The discussion:



I am currently researching about any Baha’i conspiracy theories and so is it possible whether you can list any theories to do with Baha’is as people or their faith/beliefs in general?

Its doesn't matter if the theories are close to wrong, right or whether they are still under debate, but just list any that you can come up with. Please do list the books, websites or any sources where the said conspiracy theories are mentioned. I am not here to debate any of the theories, just please list as many as you know and please also try to give any evidences/truths of the specific theory.

Please note I am not here to criticize or justify anything to with the modern-day "prosecutions" of Baha’is or put forward any "wrong doings" of the current Iranian government.

Inshallah you can help me with my research.



The summary of the discussion is as follows:

A member by the name of Zendegi raised a question regarding Baha’i’ conspiracy theories. Amongst the many posts, one which led to a major discussion was the permissibly of incest in the Baha’i Cult.
As per UHJ, it is left to the individual if he wants to practice incest or not, being mindful of the civil law of the country in which they are residing.



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