Cult activities

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The intelligent services of the countries have been sensitive with such movements and groups and hired various researchers to investigate and study them due to the destructive functions of the cults.

     The spiritual movements and cults imported from India, China and Japan to the western countries particularly to America and the appearance of the western groups like Hippies and Beatles and anti-cultures created a new cultural wave in the West. The intelligent services of these countries employed various researchers to study and investigate them due to the damages of such cults to everyone in the country as an onset of expensive movements.

     Mr. Margaret Taylor Singer is one of the researchers who has posed the thesis of cult security and brainwashing Theory in his book called “cults in our midst”  calling all groups and anti-cultures as cults. She believes that many cults are active to attract members and develop their wealth and powers. They exploit people by planning and mental influencing.

     Singer defines the cults as:

     “Cults indicate a group organization whose members are following a special aim like the people of each association and party; of course, these aims may be changed over times.”

     To understand the damages of such thoughts, it is recommended for the series “The spirit burglar” to be watched. The series is originated from singer’s look.

     The difference between an organization and an ordinary party isn’t easy; so, it is suitable for the cult relationships to be defined. The cult relationships are the ones in which a person forces other people deliberately to use special methods to be dependent on him regarding all important life decisions. He infuses his followers he is really clever and has special knowledge. The cult leaders are being appointed and they are analysts. They attract teenagers, youth and adults particularly women who are suffering from family and sexual crises. The cult leaders are trying to live longer by making their followers unaware of the cult damages and deviations, controlling the physical environments of people and their time and creating inability systematically using punishment and reward system to educate and attract people setting up a closed intellectual system and brainwashing.

     The Iranian community has been influenced by the cults due to the moral and sentimental characteristics, the abundance of youth population and the extensive activities of Colonialism. For this reason, the Colonialists and Zionists are trying to deviate people into trying. Consequently, it is necessary for all people; particularly teachers, the people in charge of culture and politicians to recognize cults carefully using sociological approach and evaluate and analyze the psychological, social, individual and public consequences of the cults. The deviant cults are usually using and applying various techniques including telling lies, deceiving, using immoral seditions, contradicting in speech and behavior.




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