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 The slogan used by the divine religions for the prosperity of human beings is: “The most noblest of you in God’s sight is the most God fearing one”. In the slogan, there are all features for a wise human being and acting it makes him/her to be prosperous. Has Abdul Baha used such slogan when he has advised human beings?


Contrary to the humanitarian slogan of the forged prophet of Baha’ism, he himself was free from this attribute. So, Hussein Ali Nouri was interested to call his addressees “donkey”. Indeed, why did Abdul Baha considered calling people ignorant as null while the forged Baha’i prophet has called his addressees so!


 The Baha’ism organization is speaking about the lack of intellectual line in the cult; while the forged prophet of Baha’ism has announced visiting his followers with the atheists (:Those who reject Hussein Ali Nouri); however, why do the Baha’i leaders dissimulate and perk their belief inverted?!


In one of his writings, Shoqi Effendi has claimed that Baha’ism isn’t going to increase the religious differences among human beings. The forged prophet of the cult has ordered to his followers to confront against his opponents severely. However, what is the meaning of such repulsiveness by the Baha’i leaders if the Baha’ism hasn’t been created to expand differences among human beings?!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018 05:05

Note: Was Ali Muhammad Bab uneducated?

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In spite of presenting several reasons from the Baha’i and Babi resources concerning this issue that Bab has been educated, one of the false claims of the Baha’ism proselytizers is that the Excellency Ali Muhammad has been uneducated which has been fully emphasized. The following reasons is from another reference which indicates that the false claimant of Babism has been educated.

     “Muhammad Beyk Chaparchi entered into Kashan city in the last day of the year 1225 S.H. along with several horsemen who were in charge of bringing Ali Muhammad Shirazi from Isfahan to Tehran. According to the history of the deviant cult of Baha’ism, Mirza Jani Kashani who had been made believed in Bab by Mulla Hussein Boshroyee asked Muhammad Beyk invite Ali Muhammad Shirazi to his house as a guest on the New year night 1226 S.H.

     Muhammad Beyk received some money and properties to let Ali Muhammad Shirazi go to Mirza Jani’s house to come back the next morning.

     To appreciate and thank the host’s troubles, Ali Muhammad Bab wrote a letter for him.

     Abdul Hamid Ishraq Khawari writes in the book the summary of Nabil Zarandi’s history on page 190 line 10: “The highest Excellency wrote a letter on his host’s honor that night. At the end of the letter me wrote: I ask God to lighten your heart by the divine knowledge light and to make your speech expressive to serve him.

     The followers of Ali Muhammad Shirazi claim that he has been illiterate. How has Ali Muhammad Shirazi written a letter that night and given it to Mirza Jani?!


     The book :the summary of Nabil history, page 190 line 10”


Monday, 10 September 2018 05:45

The general peace, from belief to practice!

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     Question: In spite of warfare and was crimes by the kid killer regime of Israel, how can a cult which believes in the general peace principle and assumes it as one of the honors of its creed support this regime and is silent against its numerous crimes?


 To justify the claim of prophethoot by the Babism and Baha’ism leaders, Abdul Baha has made some generosities for Bab, Ali Muhammad Shirazi and rejected his education. However, how is it possible for the reality pillars of Ali Muhammad Shirazi to be established on lie; although even the Baha’i sources have confessed that Ali Muhammad Shirazi has been educated!


In one of the fervent prayers, the forged prophet of the deviant cult of Baha’ism has presented an incarnate image out of the Baha’ism God which is unjustifiable. An image which reminds us of the fervent prayer of atheist Arabs who were living in the deserts.

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