The false interpretation of the Jesus Christ’s emergence along with Imam of the time (May God hasten his reappearance) according to the Baha’ism view

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The Baha’is proselytizers interpret some Mahdism traditions in order to find a document to prove Ali Muhammad Bab is Qaem. Thus, they adjust the traditions which introduce the emergence of Jesus Christ (P.H.) along with the Excellency Mahdi (P.H.) with Hussein Ali Nouri[1]; while none of the traditions is adjustable with Hussein Ali Nouri and Ali Muhammad Bab.

     As the holy prophet (P.H.) stated:


"وَ الَّذی بَعَثْنی بِالْحَقِّ نَبیّاً لَوْ لَمْ یَبْقِ مِنَ الدُّنیا اِلاّ یَوْمٌ واحدٌ لا طالَ الله ذلک الیَوْم حَتّی یَخْرُج فیهِ وَلَدِیَ الْمَهْدی، فَیَنْزَل رُوح الله عیسی بن مَرْیَم فَیُصلّی خَلْفَه وَ تَشْرق الاَرْض بِنُورِ رَبِّها وَ یبلع سُلطانَه الْمَشْرِقِ وَ الْمَغْرِبِ[2]


     I swear by He who appointed me as prophet, if it remains a day of the world to be finished, God will surely lengthen the day in order for my son (P.H.) to rise. Then Jesus Christ (P.H.), Mary’s son will be sent down to pray after him, and the earth will be illuminated by his God’s light. His kingdom will be spread out from the east to the west.”


     The answer to the Baha’i proselytizer’s claim:

1)   The is no document proving Hussein Ali Nouri and Ali Muhammad Shirazi visit each other

2)  At the end of the tradition it is stated that his kingdom will be spread out from the east to the west of the world. Was Ali Muhammad Bab’s kingdom established in the smallest part of the world?!

3)  According to the tradition, the Jesus Christ (P.H.) is Imam of the time’s (P.H.) companion; while Hussein Ali Nouri hasn’t had special relationship with Ali Muhammad Shirazi. Bab has elected Mirza Yahya Sobhi Azal as his successor[3]” that is the one who got Hussein Ali Nouri’s enemy and caused the first branch in Babism to be created.




[1] Refer to Rouhi Roshani, the finality, Tehran, 107 Badi, p. 60.

[2] Sheikh Horr Ameli, Ethbatul Hodat, An introduction by Ayatollah Mara’shi Najafi, Beiyrut, Al-A’alami institute, 1st edition, 1422 A.H., Vol.2, p. 84.

[3] Refer to Ali Muhammad Shirazi, an extract from Noqtatul Oula tablet to Agha Seyyed Hussein Katib, Tehran. Babian publishing house, Bita, p. 13.

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