Mr. Zarif: Baha’ism and Baha’is haven’t been officially recognized in Iran

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 The recent speech by Mr. Zarif, the foreign minister of our country regarding the minority rights has been exploited differently by the media:

     “Being Baha’i isn’t a crime. We don’t recognize anybody as Baha’i or Baha’ism religion officially. Of course, we don’t imprison them for being Baha’is, too. However, being Baha’i can’t save a person who has committed a crime.”

     Mr. Zarif’s statement is totally logical He explicitly announces that being Baha’i isn’t a crime and the system of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran doesn’t recognize any body as Baha’i or Baha’ism religion officially. It should be added that this firm position is accompanied by the Constitution credit. According to the Constitution of the religion of the country is allowed to be proselytized publicly. If another religion which is considered minority and recognized officially proselytize in a place out of its special place (such as synagogue and church), it will be a crime and must be encountered legally. According to the principles 13, 14 and 26 of the Islamic Republic of Iran Constitution, Baha’ism isn’t considered as the Iranian religious minority; so proselytizing and inviting to Baha’ism is against the law.[1]

     Even contrary to their cult leader’s view who has firmly ordered Baha’is to obey the law and the system of government of the country ruler[2], Baha’is ignore the above-mentioned rule and shout for human rights!


[1] Islamic Republic of Iran Constitution, passed on 1358

[2] According to the Baha’i beliefs, the Baha’is must obey the governmental laws of that country and mustn’t oppose the government and its rules. In the book the treasury of limitations and commandments which is one of the most important and valid sources of Baha’is it is said narrated by Abbas Abdul Baha: “You mustn’t do anything without the permission of the government. This statement is said by the Blessed Beauty. A person who behaves against the government permission has opposed the Blessed beauty’s order and no excuse will be accepted. The definite divine order is that you must obey the government. It can’t be interpreted.”

The treasury of limitations and commandments, chapter 75.


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