The effect of a blind imitation!

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The Baha’i proselytizers claim for wearing ring in which their forged Baha’i prophet’s name has been carved to remove evil out of the owner based on traditions and narrations: “If you ask for being safe and secured by the world’s powers, You should hang the greatest name in your house or wear the ring whose seal carved by the greatest name or hang Abdul Baha’s photo  in your house. Be busy reciting the prayers written by me; then you will observe its wonderful effects. The evil powers will be removed and destroyed.[1]


 1) How will it be possible for a non-existence issue to be influential in our lives and be controlled if evil is a non-existence issue based on the Baha’i belief?!

2) Baha’ism whose one of its teachings is to necessity of collation religion and science and intelligence claims: “If religion is against science, it will be ignorance.[2]” Now how can it scientifically claim for being secured from non-existence affairs using the photo of Abdul Baha?! The Baha’i leaders rejected each appreciable issue to such an extent (contrary to the verses of the holy Quran) as superstitions[3]. How is it possible for them to introduce their names and photos as factors for non-existence superstition removal!!!


[1] A writing written by Shoqi Effendi addressing one of disciples dated November, 26, 1939; Safineh Erfan, chapter 7, p. 22.

[2] Ishraq Khawari, Payam Malakout [the heavenly message], India: Bina, 1986, p. 92.

[3] Abbas Effendi, the faith and creature epistle, the electronic copy, Vol. 2, p. 165.


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