Baha’ism and the leadership of Imam of the time (may God hasten his reappearance)

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The deviant cult of Baha’ism believes that Imam Hassan Askari (P.H.) didn’t have any son to be the 12th Imam; while the existence of the Excellency Mahdi (P.H.) and his birth have been continually proved in the four books and the narratives of Shiites and Sunnis.

     It has been stated in 389 traditions that he is from the Household of the holy prophet (P.H.)

     It has been stated in 214 traditions that he is from Imam Ali’s (P.H.) offspring.

     It has been stated in 192 traditions, that he is from the Excellency Zahras’ (P.H.) offspring.

     It has been stated in 148 traditions that he is the 9th offspring of Imam Hussein (P.H.)

     It is stated in 146 traditions that he is Imam Hassan Askari’s (P.H.) offspring

     It is stated in 136 traditions that he is the 12th Imam of the Shiites.

     214 traditions have stated that he has been born.

     318 traditions have indicated that he is living longer.

     91 traditions have stated that his occultation lasts.

     27 traditions have indicated that Islam will be expanded worldwide when he emerges.

     132 traditions have stated that the earth will be full of justice when he emerges.

     Referring the 4 books of Shiites such as Kafi principles, Beharul Anwar [the light seas] and the book “Montakhabul Athar Fi Al-Imam Al-thani Ashar compiled by Ayatollah Safi Golpaygani, we will figure out that the Baha’is belief is basically false; because, all Shiites believe referring to successive traditions of the holy Imam (peace be upon them): God has bestowed an offspring to Imam Hassan Askari (P.H.) on Sha’ban, 15, 255 A.H. whose name was the same as his grandfather “Muhammad”. While in all historical books of the deviant cult of Baha’ism such as: the summary of Nabil Zarandi written by Ishraq Khawari, pp. 43-49 and Qarn Badi by Shoqi Effendi, p. 43, Ahd A’ala by Abul Qasem Afnan, p. 62, the book “Noqteh Oula” by Muhammad Ali Feyzi, p. 120, the history of the right emergence by Fadhel Mazandarani, Vol. 2, p. 33, and the personal article Sayyah by Abdul Baha, p. 2, it has been written that Ali Muhammad Bab Shirazi claimed to be the successor and the gate for Imam of the time (P.H.) when Mulla Hussein Boshrouyee was present on the night of the lunar month of Jamadi-al-Oula, 5, 1260 A.H. while on Friday, Rabiul-Awal, 8, 260 A.H. Imam Hassan Askari (P.H.) has been martyred; so Ali Muhammad Shirazi must have expressed his claim on Rabiul Awal, 9, 260 A.H. not 1260 A.H.!!!


Osul Kafi [Kafi principles], Vol. 2, p. 430



Osul Kafi [Kafi principles], Vol. 2, p. 449


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