Incapability of women narrated by Abdul Baha

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     The leaders of the deviant cult of Baha’ism have claimed for the principle of the equality between men and women to be invented by them; so Abdul Baha has claimed shouting the slogan of lacking difference between man and woman: “Man and woman are both human beings and the slaves of one God. There won’t be any difference between male and female… Because both are human beings and share all ranks. God sees no difference.[1]

     However, Abdul Baha has called women as incapable, untalented and mirage and has also considered their development depending on the favor of the forged prophet of the cult. As we read: “in a short period of time, women will become the same as men, willing God… O’ dear divine bondsmaid, don’t pay attention to your talents and capabilities! However trust on the Blessed beauty’s mercies and favor. Because that eternal blessing will make plant be a blessed tree and makes mirage cold and drinkable. It will make the lost minute particle existence gem. It makes the non-existent ant the literary man of the science school. It makes flower be grown out of the soil…[2]

     Nevertheless, if the total equality is existent between man and woman based on the Baha’i leaders’ claim, how will be possible for Abdul Baha to call women as incapable and untalented?!


[1] Riadh Qadimi, the Baha’i teaching rose-gardens, the electronic copy, p. 283.

[2] Abbas Effendi, Makatib, Bija, the national institute of the faith press, 134 Badi’a, Vol. 7, pp. 135-136


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