Preaching the newly-emerged false gnosticism is the strategy of dominants to dominate on the third world

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 The expert of cult issues said: The sovereignty world is dominating on the third world by creating false cults and gnosticisms and challenging the countries by cults which can influence the governments.

     Enayat Rezaee Pour, the expert of cult issues expressed interviewing with Radio: The first issue which a young man and woman should know is the origin of false gnosticisms and why we call cults as deviant ones. The clearest reason is that the divine messengers bring about the monotheistic religions. If this important issue is considered as the main prophet one, each kind of path except the divine religion will be recognized as cults which are called the deviant ones.

     He added: when a young person approached facelessness, he/she is searching to know his/her lost identity and reality which make the young person achieve tranquility, hope and happiness. Consequently, he/she doesn’t look for these things in the religion. So, an identity vaccum will happen. In some gnosticisms, the divine Gnosticism, is the monotheistic and original one which is based on a series of bounds, necessities and merits which are possessed by a person in his/her ideology. That is, a person must do some actions and mustn’t do other ones. In fact, there are some limitations for a person.

     He continued: In the speed, technology, insecurity and anxiety world, when a person is to look for tranquility, he/she may be misled due to unawareness and clear-sightness. He/she may follow the false gnosticisms to look for favoritism and convenience. Of course, in our community, the theological schools and the sources of religious authorities have fortunately directed the youth in order for the young people not to search tranquility and convenience in other places.

     Rezaee Pour said: If we want to investigate the aim for forming the cults and false Gnosticism, we will conclude that the old Colonialism, England, is following the policy of “disunite and rule” as a strategy to confront the aim countries.

     Those who direct the cults try to expand the deviant ones to achieve their goals. At last, this capacity is existent for the Colonial countries to expand and develop the cults . because are authorized to have media and networks. They can easily dominate on the third world countries and challenge the countries by cults.

     Reza Pour added: The youth are the most addressees of the cults and gnosticisms. Additionally, the Colonialism if going to make people busy with themselves to be unaware of the colonial policies.

Source: Farhang Sadid


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