Ayyam Tes’eh in Baha’ism on Redhvan feast of Baha’is

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Travelling to Europe and America and visiting the method of life and development of the west, Abbas Effendi brought about some teachings for the Baha’is and called them the tevelve principles and attributed them to the gorged prophet of Baha’ism Hussein Ali Nouri Mazandarani.


     The following are the important notes concerning the teachings:

1)   Baha’is consider these teachings as new and unprecedented while most of these teachings have been stated by the prophets during history and some of them are based on the temperament of human beings. So, the claim for these teachings to be innovated is a ridiculous one.


2)   In spite of Abbas Effendi’s claim who attempted to attribute these teachings to Hussein Ali Nouri, these teachings are contradictory with Hussein Ali and Abbas Effendi’s statements.


3)   Some of these teachings are antithetical with the Baha’is commandments and orders; for instance, one of the most challenging issues in Baha’ism is that it is illegitimate for the Baha’is to work during the 9-days celebration. According to it working such as agriculture, business and even administrative and governmental businesses are illegitimated during 9-day celebration.

     One of the teachings of Baha’ism is the conformity religion and science and wisdom. While there are many instance indicating the opposition between science and wisdom in Baha’ism. The 9-day vacation is one of the instances of insanity of Baha and Abdul Baha. However, 3 days out of the 9 days are in Ordibehesht and Redhvan feast days. According to Baha’is, after passing 12 days of Ordibehesht, Hussein Ali Nouri was formally appointed as prophet in Redhvan garden. Baha’is must prevent doing any kind of job in 1st, 9th and 12th of Ordibehesht. Now, we are going to investigate this commandment:

     9 days of year are the days full of crimes because it is illegitimate for policemen to work.

     9 days of year the people’s house must continue burning if they are made fire because firemen mustn’t work during these days.

     9 days of year, ships, plans and transportation must be cancelled.

     9 days of year, patients mustn’t be cured.

     9 days of year, the injured and dead bodies must be left on the ground if an accident happens.

     9 days of year, nobody must be operated

     9 days of year, …

     Additionally, at least, 9 days of year and opposition with the most important principle of Baha’is: The conformity between religion, science and wisdom.




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