Shoqi came but nobody was brought by him

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10th of Isfand is the birthday anniversary if the Excellency Shoqi Effendi. The Excellency Shoqi Effendi was born on March, 1, 1897. He is Abdul Baha’s daughter’s son. According to the Excellency Abdul Baha’s will (will tablets), he became the first guardian of the Baha’i community and also according to this will, Shoqi Effendi’s made offspring must be the Baha’i guardian one after another, otherwise, the Baha’i unity would be endangered and the basis of the Baha’i community would be shaken…(the book Dove Baha’i)

     According to this prediction by the Excellency Abdul Baha, Shoqi Effendi became the guardian of the faith and all of Abdul Baha’s predictions to guide the Baha’i turned vain.

     Now, the question is that is it possible for a person to be the divine loader, But his followers are left without leader?


     Maybe, Shoqi Effendi gat abortive by God in order Effendi got abortive by God in order for people to recognize the false leader mare comfortable.

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