Depriving of Olympic Games

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In summer 2012, merely a day before holding the Olympic games in London, Greece’s jump athlete, Baraskier Kharistov was deprived of the Olympic games due to insulting the Africans. He had written in his twitter page: Due to the existence of the African negro refuges in Greece, … The West Nile mosquitoes will at least eat home-made food.

     The head of the Greece sport committee announced reacting the writing: Khristo has violated the values of the Olympic Games and could no larger accompany the Greek delegation.

     The discriminative behavior is being blamed everywhere in the world and everybody believed that the criterion for people priority and superiority aren’t the complexion and nationality. Now, what would one of the Baha’i leaders do if he were the head of the Greek sport delegation?

     According to the Baha’i creed and based on the principle of the unity of the humane world, that Baha’i sportsman wouldn’t be omitted because the black Africans are exceptions.

     In the early 20th country, the Excellency Abdul Baha said in his speech to praise the black Americans: “For instance, what’s the difference between the black Africans and Americans. The black Africans are cows: but similar to human beings. The black Americans are intelligent and cultured. (The Sermons, p. 119)”

     Yes, according to the Excellency Abdul Baha the black Africans are exceptions because they are cows not human beings.



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